Oct. 8, 2018

Columbus Discovered The Already Discovered Then Unleashed Mass Destruction On The Land's Inhabitants

In honor of Christopher Columbus who discovered the discovered and savaged as well as being the initial leader of the movement that annihilated, exterminated, evaporated, and cleansed the indigenous people of the continent of North America. I have proclaimed the discovery of this property in Potomac, Maryland as the provincial territory of Halltown. So if you have always called this property your home that no longer is a reality. You see I am following the "Columbus Philosophy Of Discovery", which means that no matter how many people have already lived and built a culture I discovered it. So now it's mine, I declare this discovery to be true under the guise of imperialism dictated by the innate superiority of my race over those indigenous people that resided on this property for tens of thousands of years before I discovered the already discovered.
Can you understand the foolishness that inherent in proclaiming and celebrating Christopher Columbus Day in our nation? This individual is not solely responsible for the extermination of an entire race of indigenous people. However, Columbus symbolically represents the discovery of the already discovered. How can you discover lands that are occupied? How can you then celebrate this supposed discovery that led to the extermination of millions upon millions of indigenous people? This discovery of the discovered that destroyed multiple civilizations and cultures? I cannot discover that plot of land in Potomac, Maryland simply because I haven't been in that neighborhood before. Nor could Christopher Columbus discover a continent simply because he lost his bearing to the Far East and ended up in San Salvador. Columbus discovered the already discovered great civilizations. Then the Europeans nations proceeded to exterminate, racially cleanse all the indigenous inhabitants of those people's lands.