Oct. 18, 2018

125K Or Play Their Game

Let's see you can go to college and presumably be broke. Or you can go to the G League and earn 125K? Now, what will our young stars do? Say goodbye to recruiting top class seniors in high school college coaches because in addition to the salary will be the perks for that high school student to sell his name to sneaker companies. I just hope that the G League has the opportunities for these young black men to gain an education. They certainly weren't getting it in the what the 4 months they actually attended PWI's. These players were pawns used solely for the sake of providing entertainment and huge revenue for the NCAA and those PWI's.
It is about time for these PWI's to either put up or shut up. These PWI's have been taken advantage of these basketball players and filling the schools' coffers with revenue while ignoring the real needs of those who play on the court. Is this the end of big-time college basketball? No, because the game is entrenched in American society. It is I feel the end of players who envision playing pro ball spending only 4 months in college for the benefit of only those PWI's though.
Is this strategy how the National Basketball Association will address the issue of one and done. Certainly making 125K as an 18-year-old certainly will appeal to elite high school basketball players. They will be able to work on their craft basketball full-time without the hassle of ever attending college classes. My only hope is that those high school seniors whose choose this route and are deficient educationally will take at least some online college courses. Because while these young men are strengthening their basketball craft they simply cannot forget to strengthen their capacities to learn beyond the court.