Oct. 23, 2018

Part 2 The Black Blogger "Presents" An Appeal To The World, Legal Obstacles From 1787-1919

This week will mark the 71st year since the NAACP sent a message to all the nations of the world of the deplorable conditions faced by American blacks due to the oppressive condition in America. This 99-page document will be read over the course of this week so that those who are unfamiliar with this pamphlet can hear in my the voice its complete contents. Tuesday is Part 2 of An Appeal To The World, written and submitted by the late Earl Dickerson. What I found most interesting in reading this section related to legal historic barriers that were instituted by the United States. Was how effectively these barriers disrupted our ancestors' opportunities to reach any level of progress. From the very beginning of the United States, black Americans have faced enormous roadblocks yet no financial reparations have ever been really been considered to make our communities whole.