Nov. 1, 2018

The Black Blogger Celebrating The 108th Anniversary Of The Crisis Magazine Part 1 Of 2

The Black Blogger celebrates "The Crisis Magazine's 108th Anniversary" with a complete read aloud over 2 sessions of Volume 1 which was published to be released on November 1, 1910. At the time of the publication, over 90% of our black ancestors resided in states south of the Mason Dixon Line and many of them were illiterate. So the process of reading important documents was done by a group or individual read aloud. Today, I will reenact the reading on my blog over a two-session post by reading Volume 1 of the NAACP's Crisis Magazine. One other tidbit of information John Johnson, Publisher of Johnson Publishing released the Negro Digest, Jet, and Ebony Magazines on November 1 as well honoring the date that the Crisis Magazine was released.