Nov. 2, 2018

The Black Blogger Celebrates The Crisis Magazine, November 1, 1910, Part Two

The Black Blogger, The Blackman Who Reads Aloud celebrates the NAACP's Crisis Magazine initially published 108 years ago on November 1, 1910. The Crisis Magazine was published on 45 years after many of our ancestors has been released from the shackles of slavery. For many of those ancestors, the invisible shackles of Jim Crow had appeared that replaced the institution of slavery. In addition, many of our ancestors were snared still by illiteracy so the only way for knowledge like "The Crisis Magazine" to shared was by a read aloud. So today in honor of my ancestors and to celebrate the 108th anniversary of the Crisis Magazine. I will read aloud in 2 parts the most important features of Volume 1, Issue 1 The Crisis Magazine edited by Dr. W.E.B. Dubois. The shame is that in 2018 without those shackles way too many people in our black communities are still illiterate. It is my goal to erase that barrier and open up the world of universal literacy to our communities across this nation. Part Two of Two