Nov. 9, 2018

Bernie Sanders Here A History Lesson 101 For You Today

Yesterday's statement that US Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) made really was disturbing. Sanders said that he understood the hesitancy that white people have when voting for African American candidates for the first time. He states that the hesitancy didn't mean that they were racist. Again, the ignorance of the so-called white liberal shows their true implied racist colors. Wasn't it just 2 years ago that Bernie Sanders was trapezing across the country with the Atlanta rapper "Big Mike"? Couldn't he simply have a dialogue with "Big Mike" about implied and explicit racist thoughts and actions in a historical context? Well, that would have meant that "Big Mike" was cognizant of the history of his ancestors and how that history is still relevant today. Our ancestors were here when the white Europeans arrived in their so-called "new world", our ancestors also came shackled from a far distant shore to this country, our ancestors were unshackled and re-shackled in this so-called land of democracy. Still today oppressive conditions exist for many people of the darker hue in this nation. If anyone should be hesitant about voting for a particular race it would be the oppressed nor the oppressor. After 4 centuries of serving the needs, concerns, demands, and fortunes of white Americans those white Americans should have no hesitancy about voting for a person of color, but a person a color should indeed have a great deal of hesitancy about voting for a white candidate. Senator Bernie Sanders statement yesterday proves that the color-line problem that DuBois identified in 1906 is still a major issue for whites in 2018. Today I will read about the white mob that brutalized, killed, maimed and created mayhem on the City of Wilmingham, North Carolina 120 years ago today is one reason that our history should never be washed away by the sands of time, or ignored by the history books.