Nov. 14, 2018

Passing of the Wizard of Tuskegee Institute

Just another note in our history. Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the passing of Booker T. Washington, the celebrated founder of Tuskegee Institute. Mr. Washington's life was full of remarkable accomplishments and his energy to provide uplift to the black community is still being felt today 103 years after his passing. Not many people know that Booker T. Washington was beaten within inches of his life on March 19, 1911, by a white janitor, Henry Ulrich in New York City for supposedly peeking into keyholes of apartments. He was accused of making advances on Ulrich's wife. Henry Ulrich, of course, wasn't convicted of this dastardly act of violence, he was acquitted. Even though Booker T. Washington addressed the issue this attack in a speech "The Moral Uplift Of Race" in Philadelphia, Pa. on March 26, 1911. The audience that evening was exclusively white and one wonders if Booker T. Washington really did feel that Ulrich was justified in beating him 2 weeks earlier for simply attempting to locate a business associate? This incident was never discussed in my social studies classes regarding the life of Booker T. Washington. All I was taught was Booker T. Washington's speech at the Atlanta Compromise about having our black ancestors casting their buckets where they are and not seeking social or civil equality. Even the foremost advocate of silent racist acceptance was and could be a target of vicious violent racist acts of terror. Rest in Peace, Mr. Booker T. Washington, The Black Blogger honors your magnificent educational and economic achievements.