Nov. 21, 2018

Black Friday, Not Really

The history of the term "Black Friday" isn't at all HONORABLE to those in the Black Communities across these United States.
When our ancestors were in SHACKLES the day after THANKSGIVING featured the sale of slaves by white plantation owners, hence the term "Black Friday". The etymology of words and phrases must be understood. Why does this nation continue to use that phrase "Black Friday"? The term is etched in historical hatred, historical oppression, and historical terror We must ask ourselves just how many black families were literally driven apart on every Friday after Thanksgiving when our ancestors were held in chains?
Please don't give me the response that is the day companies moved from red to black on the ledger sheet because I will turn that around and say those white plantation owners moved from red to black with this act of forced separation. Only the conscious will understand the depth of this post. The unconscious will be in line at Walmart at 12:00 am to celebrate Black Friday sales while our ancestors turn in their graves.