Nov. 30, 2018

The Black Blogger Celebrates: "The 111th Birthday Week Of Dr. Adam Clayton Powell Jr."

I absolutely love this speech. If we can get our young black brothers to take those killing guns out of their hands and have those hands clutch some hope and faith. How can we get every young black brother and young black sister to listen to this magnificent speech of inner power and self-determination? Because of this speech's content, it demands a comprehensive understanding by those who take the time to listen to Dr. Powell's potent words. Take that gun out of your hand, take that glassine pipe from your hand, take that needle from your hand, and place hope in your hands. Don't give up on yourself​ for in you holds the power of our community's future. Yes, my black young brothers and sisters​,​ the power of ultimate change is in your​ hands. Don't let anyone dispel your hopes nor steal your dreams for in your hands holds the power of miraculous change.