Dec. 4, 2018

The Black Blogger Remembers Chicago, Illinois, December 4, 1969 "Two Warriors Struck Down"

On December 4, 1969, seemingly every law enforcement agency in our country conspired with an infiltrator​ to assasin​ate Fred ​Hampton and Mark Clark. It was the goal that day to utterly devastate​ Chicago's Black Panther Party. We know now how COINTELPRO devised methods to destroy all black organizations dedicated to the uplift of black communities. We also know that J. Edgar Hoover feared that a messiah would appear to lead this country's black populace. So he, and his legions of illegal agents of oppression did all that could to silence black voices.
Before Fred Hampton died on December 4, 1969, he gave this speech "Power Anywhere Where Their Are People". I will read Fred Hampton's words and honor the memories of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton today.