Dec. 10, 2018

The Black Blogger Salutes Otis Redding

It is hard to believe that 51 years ago the greatest soul singer to ever was killed in an airplane crash in Wisconsin. Otis Redding was just coming into his prime in late 1967. The power in his voice was unmistakably unique. The songs Otis sang were soulful, dynamic, and full of life. Otis Redding appeal crossed the color line as well as international waters. I mean the list of some of the songs Otis Redding performed and was responsible for was so, so, powerful.

1. Respect
2. Try A Little Tenderness
3. These Arms Of Mine
4. Mr. Pitiful
5. I Can't You Loose
6. I've Been Loving You Too Long
7. I've Got Dreams To Remember
8. Papa Got A Brand New Bag
9. Knock On Wood
10. Satisfaction
11. That's How Strong My Love Is
12. Chained and Bound
13. Tramp
14. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa
15. Amen
16. Shake
17. A Lover's Question
18. Glory Of Love
19. Pain In My Heart

And of course, the song that Otis Redding sang just before he was killed that became his signature song because it was released after he died, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay. It was the #1 song on Billboard Magazine in March 1968. I remember my father's younger brother and his wife had I believe every Otis Redding 45 record it seemed. They would listen to them in the summer when family and friends would come over. It opened my eyes to how talented Otis Redding was. To me personally, no singer to date in my lifetime has ever matched the greatness of Otis Redding. He left us at such an early age he was just 28 years. Clearly, Otis Redding was just beginning to tap the remarkable talents he possessed. Otis could arrange, write, and sing equally well. There is no telling just how great a career laid ahead of Otis Redding had not that plane crashed 51 years ago today. That is why The Black Blogger is celebrating the greatness of Otis Redding today. Otis Redding's performance at the 1967 Monterrey Festival opened Otis Redding to the totality of America's youth. Otis Redding was about to bust open. Otis Redding had already taken Europe by storm the crossover appeal for Otis Redding was about to create an energy that would have been unstoppable.
Many of the younger brothers and sisters today were welcomed to the remarkable voice of Otis Redding in the song by Kanye West and Jay Z, Otis. Otis Redding was a legend in his time and remains a legend in our time.