Dec. 10, 2018

House of Wood

When we are born into the world we know little of what the world will provide you. As you age you hope that the dreams you imagined will come true. Many of those dreams are trampled on but if you can keep some element of personal focus you may achieve some measure of success. Yet no matter what level of achievement you reach when you leave this world as you came in knowing little of what the life after will provide you. Today, I was thinking back to a song that gave me a sense of purpose and direction when I was dreaming of how my life would turn up day by day, month by month by month, year by year, and finally decade by decade. As I move into my 65th year I wonder how the houses I've built have stood through the trials and tribulations of life? The loves I gained, the loves I lost, the loves I've missed, and how will I be remembered as I get closer to my hopeful "good, good, box of wood" is built not for my spirit but only my decaying body. Because I do dream that my spirit is everlasting, never-ending and always evolving continuing to build those houses that I believe will make this world a better place for floating spirits everywhere.