Dec. 14, 2018

Newtown Six Years Later "The Black Blogger's Repost"

December 14, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut
Six Years Later Revisiting A Blog Post


I'm so disturbed by the events in Newtown Conn. however I'm not surprised because so many in America continue to tout the 2nd Amendment as if every one of them is out shooting for dinner in the woods nightly. Many of them simply get feed by the daily allotment of road kill.

The Gun Crazies want to bear arms and they want to be able to bear all types of arms of mass destruction. You really need automatic rifles to hunt? Those deer need to go down with armor piercing bullets from semi-automatic handguns. Yet they lean on the CONSTITUTION to protect these rights. The CONSTITUTION was completed in 1789 during a period in history when single shot muskets were the order of the day and you were required to hunt in order to eat.

So, if we as sane Americans continue to protect the crazies right to bear arms? Please don't cry about the acts perpetrated by people who decide to lay human waste with these arms of mass destruction. May God accept the souls of those lost today these innocent children who are now incapable of changing things. However, before you cry tears of sorrow get on the right side of this TRAGEDY and DEMAND that we OUTLAW the ownership of these needless killing machines by the common American.

The time is now to demand change before this act is replicated again and again because most assuredly it will be replicated again. This we all know is definitely a certainty.