Dec. 18, 2018

JoeSmokeBlackThoughts Thinks "The Mad Hatter Will Topple First"

The 115th Congress was sworn and Donald Trump began his presidency I created a character the Mad Hatter who aligned himself with Donald Trump. Today I revisit that character and make a prognosis on his Presidency, its over or will soon be over within the next 10 days. Donald Trump doesn't want to be President for the 116th Congress, hence he will accept his pardon prior to the swearing of that new Congress on January 3, 2019. 

When the 116th US Congress is sworn for duty the United States shall have a new Commander in Chief. Because the current Chief Executive Donald Trump will be given the opportunity to negotiate a plea bargain with the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and The Department of Justice which allow Trump to escape possible imprisonment by accepting a full pardon for criminal acts past/present. The only issue in proceeding forward is whether Michael Pence will be absolved of any prosecutorial criminal acts that could possibly disallow Pence in the line of succession to become the next Commander in Chief. Otherwise, under the rules of succession current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be the next President because the 116th Congress wouldn't have been sworn in prior to Trump and Pence's removal from office. These are things that make question the morality of our government's direction when it comes to the possibilities evolving from Michael Flynn's appearance in Federal Court today. If Flynn sold out our government then what is Trump guilty of? Trump and Pence are definitely more culpable than Flynn because they were both elected by the people to serve and protect the Constitution of the United States and both are immersed in constitutional malfeasance and criminality. Americans may never know the full extent of the criminality of this current administration because it seems with every rock overturned another criminal is disclosed.