Dec. 20, 2018

Building A Blogging Brand: JoeSmokeBlackThoughts

There are blogs that can reach 20,000 visitors per month by the end of their first year and other regularly updated blogs that are lucky to get 1,000 visitors per month after five years. According to Statista, an Online Statistics Portal: In 2015, 28.3 million internet users updated a blog at least once per month. The number of bloggers in the United States is set to reach 31.7 million users in 2020.

Two years ago I started out on a mission to build my black man's blog whose major objective was to be a vehicle of sharing our majestic black historical story. I wanted to use my voice as well as my written word to achieve this objective. Now it is 2018 and I have reached another plateau in terms of the number of unique viewers, 325,000 unique viewers. Now, while that be a modest accomplishment against the white well-known blogs: Huffington Post, Mashable, The Daily Beast. That was not my purpose in starting out on this mission of creating this blog. I wanted to develop a blog that my black community would be proud of. I wanted to be categorized in the black family of bloggers: Colorlines, Very Smart Brothas, Crew of 42, Good Black News and the many other quality black-oriented blogs.

In addition, I wanted to pair my blog with my literacy project, The Blackman Read Aloud Hour which is social media driven on Facebook Live. I have had many challenges along the way since being disabled on a fixed income hasn't allowed me to support either project the way I would like to. However, today December 20, 2018, I can say I am pleased with my progress because I see that I have developed a steady market of followers. I also know that this project has developed a much-needed niche that aligns the uplift of literacy with the sharing of our majestic black history. Please continue to support my efforts, and if you have the ability to become a partner do so. I would like to open the store on my blog and market products developed by our community members. Uplift my people Uplift.