Dec. 24, 2018

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Celebrates Ona Judge Staines

Reading excerpts from the marvelous book, Never Caught, The Relentless Pursuit By George and Martha Washington of Ona Judge. Ona Judge Staines was the house slave of the nation's first president George Washington. Ona escaped from the bonds of slavery while she lived in the President's Mansion in Philadelphia. I will read excerpts from the book including her memory of her escape. This is a story that your children will most likely never learn about the Washington's who were slaveholders and supporters of the oppression of our black ancestors. I ask as I did with The Lost Eleven to close your eyes and imagine being Ona Judge as she made her decision to escape the evilness of slavery, yes slavery was in every aspect of​ evil. Ona Judge was property to be bought and sold, beaten and punished, treated no better than livestock, by George and Martha Washington. This book was written by Erica Armstrong Dunbar and it should be read by every child on our communities before they're​​ taught​ the whitewashed history that makes Ona Judge Staines's story invisible.