Dec. 24, 2018

Christmas Greetings Sliding Down The Abyss

Christmas Greeting
Trump's America
Two Years In An Absolute Waste

Most of Trump's supporters don't believe that federal workers do anything substantive anyway. So Trump is simply playing to his base by closing down the non-essential government workers and that aspect of the federal bureaucracy.
The congressional Democrats will fold before Trump does and I can sense the bricks being laid shortly for that Mexican wall. If the Republicans in the Senate had any backbone they would shutdown Trump's foolishness but they are frightened of that same political base that Trump actions engender and promote. The process of checks and balances only works if that branch that is supposed to check the other branch has the backbone to actually place that branch into a checked situation. Also, can you believe that Trump may have the possibility to nominate a 3rd member to the Supreme Court? 2016, the presidential election that keeps giving and giving a dismal result to American democracy. Trump only really wanted a Trump Tower in Moscow it seems but the Electoral College gave him the entire nation. I guess the next time they say every vote counts the irresponsible citizen will indeed vote.