Dec. 25, 2018

Flashblack, Santa Who "The Blackman Who Reads Aloud"

Remembering the real reason for Christmas as I reflect back on my childhood. I never an image of a white Santa Claus in my home growing on 1331 North Ellwood Avenue. It's not that my parents were scrooges, they weren't so I'll take this moment to thank my parents William & Rose Hall for never ever allowing us to fall for the Santa Claus lie. My daddy told me quite early that no one should get credit for another man's hard work and effort. My momma told me Santa was nowhere to be found in her Holy Bible and that Christmas was supposed to solely for the celebration of the birth of Christ. Santa Claus was Satan Claus as far as she was concerned because he took the light away from the birth of Christ.
My parents were first my warriors of truth. So when I was a very young boy I knew Santa Claus wasn't any jolly old white man stuffed in a red suit. My Santa Claus worked 80 hours a week, was 6'2, black and proud. My Mrs. Claus was 5'10, took care of our daily needs, nourished us, loved us and was a beautiful black woman. I never ever sat in any strangers lap and was asked what I wanted for Christmas. I simply asked my Mom and Dad who celebrated giving gifts and they gave them to us if they had it, which it seems they always did. Hey, we didn't have a chimney and nobody was sneaking in our house unannounced. 
So, thanks, Mom and Dad and happy days of good fortune and great health to all. Santa, his reindeer's, and elves aren't any way in the story of truth about Christmas. They were created as a myth that would undermine the reality of honest work and effort by the actual providers. Telling the truth didn't harm my imagination nor my creativity as a child but it fostered an understanding of giving credit to those who deserve the credit, the grit, and the determined effort to make a child's dreams come true. Also, to understand the meaning of Christmas, not some white guy in a suit, with elves, and flying reindeer but a black child with wooly hair born in Bethlehem.