Dec. 29, 2018

National College Playoff Where Black Domination Is Distinctly Apparent

There is way too much team speed on Clemson, sorry Domer’s you don’t have a shot. I sit here thinking if all these black athletes were playing for HBCU’s? Can you imagine the greatness of those teams when the doors of white southern universities were closed to our communities? I mean our HBCU’s could’ve controlled college football if given the chance. Of course, white schools would never play those HBCU’s.

While I watching this mostly black University of Alabama football team destroy the University of Oklahoma football team. It got me thinking while I sit in my den wondering this provoked thought. What would the ghost of "Birmingham Alabama Sheriff Bull Conner" feel about these young black men running up and down the field representing the state of Alabama? You think old Bull would pull out the fire hoses and dogs to slow them down? Because the Sooners defense sure can't.