Jan. 12, 2019

Wow, Could Mankind's Days Really Be Disappearing?

I am not the most religious man, some can even say I am a constantly back-sliding Christian. I grew up in a home with a very religious mother, who lived by faith so much so I felt it was to her detriment because my mom truly believed in the power of prayer. She even ignored medical ailments believing that her God would see her through her illnesses. My father never attended church but I noticed that he read the Bible every night as he got older in life. He was a spiritual rock but he stayed grounded in keeping his medical appointments current. So, I have a Bible and sometimes I do read my favorite passages. I haven't attended church services for years. Yet, recent events in the world's holiest city have shaken my belief system and disturbed my consciousness.

Hailstorms, floods, and swarms of locusts in the world's holiest city, Mecca, Saudi Arabia over the past year with locust appearing this past week. The most omnipotent one, GOD, his most almighty is telling us it's time for mankind to ask for a spiritual atonement. If Mecca is experiencing these natural catastrophes in the middle of the desert. What chance does America have? Our nation is governed by disobedience, racism, ignorance, and neglect. So what natural plagues are facing us in the coming days?