Jan. 15, 2019

Fast Food Black Wake Up Call:

"I simply cannot understand all these black folks posts about Trump feeding a college football team fast food at the White House. We got so many issues within our communities, why are we bitching about what a team eats at an irrelevant event of celebration? We need to be more concerned about the black children in this country who went to bed hungry last night or when to school today unprepared to learn because of conditions in their communities that restrict the learner's experience. Until we can solve our many problems what is served to football players at the White House is inconsequential. We have illiteracy problems, incarceration problems, economic problems, health problems, educational problems, and children who live in a constant state of hopelessness but I see these posts about fast food being fed to football players as an embarrassment to our communities, really? You really concerned about that meal when the government is shut down? When the reality is that most of America is 90 days from bankruptcy and this shutdown is edging many of our people closer to the economic cliff of despair? Wake up now and be conscious of what is going on around you. This is a time when we need to maintain careful vigilance of conditions in our communities. Personally, I really don’t give a damn if a college football team got feed burgers and fries."