Jan. 15, 2019

The Absolute Worst Republican President

"Historical Perspective
Republican Presidents

“First Andrew Johnson was deemed the worst Republican President for denying rights to just freed slaves then Herbert Hoover came along and depressed the entire land
then Richard Nixon held the mantle for his enemies lists and sneaky ass tricks he was the worst Republican President but then came George W. Bush Who took the crown away creating weapons of mass destruction on shores far away he was the worst Republican President but Donald Trump has surpassed them all as the worst Republican President he’s surpassed Johnson, Hoover, Nixon, and Bush in so little time Trump’s possibly guilty of treason and that’s ultimately the worst Presidential crime. Tomorrow many suffering Americans will be missing Food Stamps and children will go hungry that’s an even worst human crime. My question is this when will Mueller come back with indictments
so this cat can start doing some real prison time?”