Jan. 16, 2019

"Field Order #15" January 16, 1865

As the Civil War was concluding a path to black equality had to be paved. Millions of former slaves needed to get a start towards being able to fend for themselves, take care of their families, and continue to help build our America. So on January 16, 1865, William T. Sherman who had historically marched from Atlanta to the South Carolina coast delivered a proposal that would give former slaves an opportunity to build their own nation within a nation.

Field Order #15 approved by the Secretary of War Stanton, most likely approved also by the Secretary of State Seward, signed by the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln and issued by General William T. Sherman was the historic Field Order #15 was supposed to be the initial distribution of land to the recently freed black men of United States. On January 16, 1865, the initial allocation of 40 acres of tillable land. The mule came in another Field Order, yes 40 acres and a mule for more than 2 centuries of slavery. Guess you know the rest of the story, Black America is still waiting for that check stamped insufficient funds to be paid. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of about that bouncing check of justice on August 28, 1963, 98 years after General Sherman's proposal for black American reparations.

The United States has continued to historically pass the proverbial buck administration to administration for the past 150 years, our government has paid reparations to many races, and creeds during that period of time. Yet black Americans whose ancestors faced and received the most atrocious, terrorized treatment for more than 4 centuries have seen their pleas ignored. Even though the United Nations in 2017 recommended​ black citizens of the United States of African descent get substantial reparations. Even when though for eight years (2009-2016) the United States had a black man housed in ​America's house, the leader of our nation, people of African descent in this country​ didn't get as close to receiving reparations as they did when General William I Sherman issued Field Order #15, 154 years ago today.