Jan. 31, 2019

Centennial Celebration Jackie Robinson’s Stance

Today marks the 100th Birthday of the incomparable Jackie Robinson who integrated white Major League Baseball In 1947, but I not here to talk about that aspect of #42. Today, on this day I am looking back to Jackie Robinson’s stance against injustice as it relates to one of symbols of American democracy and supposed goal of humanity and social equality, The Star Spangled Banner. You see Jackie Robinson was Colin Kaepernick before Colin was a seed in his mother’s ovaries. Jackie Robinson, Who white America placed on its imaginary pedestral of white acceptance couldn’t ignore the travesties that this so-called acceptance of him required. Jackie Robinson told this nation that he could no longer sing the song of America that implied that equality rung from shore to shore to everyone of America’s citizens. Not when it was apparent to any what the atrocities faced in this nation by a race of people who build this nations wealth for free. So as we look to celebrate Sunday America’s shining sports day, remember Gladys Knight that one of America’s greatest legends died with a black consciousness that indicated his personal decision not to sing this false song of social equality. That’s how I remember Jackie Robinson, today, not as white Americans remember him as this whirling dervish who played havoc on the baseball paths. Jackie Robinson stood up and told America hell no don’t hold me in high esteem while you beat down my brothers and sisters. Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson 100 years and still marking the path toward black equality.