Feb. 1, 2019


Provoked Thought on Black History
I do not advocate Black History Month
I advocate Black History Period!

Oh, by the way, it's Black History Month 2019 just remember our black history need not be a black mystery in our communities. At #joesmokeblackthoughts, black history is an everyday experience it's a culmination of the many moments, the events that have secured our majestic black presence today as recorded by the deeds, actions, and words of our known and unknown black. ancestors that are responsible for our most cherished past.

Our black ancestors who trotted the hardened roads of injustice and bleed the blood of sacrifice and gained the fruits of whatever liberties we experience today. I love my black heritage and so should every person in this country, no matter their race or creed. You,us, we, and I need to celebrate our black history continuously, not just when you, us, we, and I are told to. There was a reason that Carter G. Woodson started Negro History Week during the Negro Renaissance, it was to feed the embryonic consciousness of our black ancestors 50 years from being released by human bondage. The shift from Negro History Week to Black History Month during the Black Arts Movement of the early 1970’s was to feed a developed black consciousness embryo that required that our black communities be immersed fully in our experience for a month. The month chosen was geared to honor Frederick Douglass who symbolized the striving for black greatness. This month of February 1972 still a little more than a century from the releasing of slavery shackles.

Now, it is 2019, 400 years from the time that 24 black souls were herded on to the Virginia shores to begin the shackling experience of our black ancestors in what was to become the United States Of America. During the four centuries that have passed our black ancestors built and rebuild this nation without benefit of any acknowledgement of their efforts. Our ancestors survived incredible hardships, massive community terror and disruption, and gave the ultimate sacrifice of many lives to rescue freedoms that they did not even experience. Yet our black ancestors willingly fought for the principles that The United States Of America denied them. So, our black historical evolution that demanded once, see us, respect us, know us, then moved to we are a black proud people now must emphasize that we are no longer a month of black history celebrations. We are simply Black History Period. Our history is greater than the whole of America’s history because our history endured many more white travesties of injustice, infliction of white mob terror, personal human sacrifice to promote a democracy that was denied to us, while all along maintaining a belief that although freedom isn’t free, freedom should be colorblind and as WEB Dubois stated there should never be a color line.

So, let us inspire our youths of today and tomorrow to spotlight our own black history and never let it become a black mystery. BLACK HISTORY PERIOD.....PERIOD....PERIOD

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