Feb. 2, 2019

Never Forget The Price For Citizenship Rights

The importance of history is the ability one has to learn and acquire knowledge from the past actions of others. The sacrifices that our ancestors endured to gain a toehold on citizenship rights in this nation, America. So, of our ancestors believed so throughly in the cause for we that fought that they willingly gave the ultimate sacrifice. In a period in which we live now where many of us have attention spans lasting no more than 15 minutes. We must understand the importance that history plays in paving a pathway to tomorrow. It’s as simple as this, if you don’t know where you’ve been how can you except to know where you are going. How do you avoid the barriers that our ancestors overcame if you have no comprehendable understanding of what barriers they faced. So today I focus my thoughts on a few of those soldiers who faced the challenges of a people’s progress towards gaining civil rights and paid the price of an ultimate sacrifice. BLACK HISTORY PERIOD