Feb. 3, 2019

A Nation Within a Nation WEB DuBois

Salute To WEB Dubois
In His Words My Voice
Black History Month Celebration

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, was one of the most intellectually gifted men of the 19th and 20th Centuries, no matter the creed or race. Everyone who thirsts for freedom and equality has drunk from the magnificent cup of this master ancestor intellectual contributions. Dr. DuBois cared for the common man and hoped against hope that America would indeed live out the promises made to the people of the darker hue. I am spending this day of Black History Period honoring the greatness and talent of the words and deeds of this grandfather of black freedom. We all owe a debt that can only be repaid with the ultimate unmitigated freedom and equality for every living soul on this planet who has suffered because of circumstances not in their control. I will read his speech that spoke of a black nation with an American nation since the larger nation ignored the plight of Americans of African descent. Remember, our black history need not ever be a black mystery, in his words my voice, WEB DuBois. So if you magnify the name and deeds of Dr. Dubois please visit my blog because my honor is his honor and his words are today's voice www.joesmokethoughts.com