Feb. 6, 2019

This Blackman's Soul Revealed

I created some words of prose in 2015-2017 that I put my voice too. These creations are my own. I was motivated by the written and spoken words of Baraka, Hughes, Mahabuti, Baldwin, Wright, Heron, Thurman, Johnson, DuBois, Douglass, Ali, King, Farakkan, Evers, Cullen, Carmichael, Brown, Murray, Gaye, Robinson, Turner, Vesey, and so many other black man voices that have energized and uplifted our communities. These 17 minutes are very special to me because the words were motivated by those who encouraged and motivated our people to reach higher levels of achievement. The hoodie reveals justice still being cloaked by a system still seeping with the insidious odor of inequality and injustice for the black man, 400 Years And Still Waiting