Feb. 9, 2019

Reflecting On My Hometown Daring Us To Love And Trust Us Stop Killing Us

Black History Reflection For My Hometown

"Love Black, Be Black, Respect Black, Protect Black, Never Reject Black, Energize Black, Educate Black, Think Black Fulfill Black, and Remember The Person You Choose To Harm Should Never Be Black"

I just read this morning that Baltimore City has no plan to stop the murdering of the city's black man. It says that calling 911 in B'more is as futile as every criminal deciding to put down his gun. The mayor is disturbed, the city council president is perturbed, the city's state's attorney is definitely unnerved, the city's police chief says the citizens of fair Baltimore are disturbingly underserved. No solutions are in sight to erase this murderous plight. You see killing all our young black brothers just isn't right. Have you recently drove down any black street, just any black street, any black street in Baltimore? The first thing you'll notice is the boarded-up houses when once lived black families now reside garbage and big ass mouses. The houses that include people are steel barred from front to back. It's a wonder how black folks live in such awful shacks. Every politician in the city is black and damn, it seems, an elected Democrat. How can a city that kills one black man a day except to love any kind of sunray? It's black history month in the city that supposedly reads. The question I ask is how does this love of virus of a black man's murder continue to breed? Baltimore's past black history isn't filled with contempt hell I remember when a black man's killing was damn near exempt. I remember the days when black children played unafraid in the streets, the city's classrooms were filled to the brim and learning wasn't seen as being a sin. The only problem we had was some fellas who may have drank a little too much gin. If I could envision days like those returning it may require the entire black city completely learning how to avoid our communities from always the ones burning. So, come on B'more we cannot continue this utter madness, killing ourselves isn't the slogan for the city that supposedly reads for if it is the slogan B'more will never succeed. I dare you today to truly love us for just being us, you can't pull a trigger on someone you truly trust. Love Your Blackness