Feb. 9, 2019

Paul Laurence Dunbar Celebrating His Greatness

Paul Laurence Dunbar lived on this planet for 33 years, born in Dayton Ohio. Ancestor Dunbar was friends with the Wright Brothers, Frederick Douglass, and Booker T. Washington. Mr. Dunbar, a graduate of Howard University was the very first American of African Descent published author to use writing as his sole occupation. Paul Laurence Dunbar was also one of the original black elite who resided in our nation's capital, Washington DC. On this day 113 years ago Ancestor Paul Laurence Dunbar passed in into eternal glory. Listen as I read some of Ancestor Dunbar's great poetic works.

Although Paul Laurence Dunbar's works spread out only 3 decades, his writing has continued to live in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world today. Paul Laurence Dunbar began writing at an early age of 6 and wrote until the last breath left his body. He was one of our nation's greatest writers and his words as I said will last an eternity. Go to any major urban school district and you will find the name, Paul Laurence Dunbar on the most prominent public schools of this nation.‚Äč

Join me today as I salute this magnificent creator of verse and prose. In his words, my voice, Mr. Paul Laurence Dunbar, knowing that our black history in the month of February 2019 must be honored every single day of our lives. We as a community should never let any of our greatest histories be shrouded in mystery.