Feb. 10, 2019

William E. Dubois "Why I Can't Vote" October 20, 1956

Often called the “Father of Pan-Africanism", William Edward Burghardt, aka "W. E. B.," Du Bois, gave this speech in 1956 related to that upcoming presidential election between the Democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson, and the Republican nominee President Dwight Eisenhower. The year was 1956 but as you listen to my speaking each word Dubois spoke. Envision the coming election of 2020, Americans of African Descent continue to be ignored in 2019 as much as there were ignored in 1956. President Eisenhower openly disagreed with the historic Brown v Board of Education, Topeka which ruled that separate but equal was unconstitutional. The Democratic party included some of the most virulent racists this nation ever produced. The Republican Party which had been the Party of Lincoln was surely supporting or ignoring the oppression of Americans of African Descent in the southern states.

America was at peril for black people in 1956 and America continues to be perilous to black folks in 2019. Americans of African Descent must truly begin to align our communities and create other political options as we move forward. Neither of the major party's democratic or republican, has ever historically addressed the vital needs or pressing issues of the black communities. It's finally time for a realization that the present system is hellbent on the destruction of Americans of African Descent. We need interest coming from our elected officials that are constructive as well as instructive in order to elevate our communities. As Dubois stated if the choice is the lesser of two evils then, in reality, Americans of African Descent really have no choice at all.