Feb. 10, 2019

Pandering Is Out Corey We Are On To That Game

Today, I see where Corey "I Got A Boo" Booker posed this tidbit to the black community regarding all these white elected politicians being caught up in all this blackfacing mess. Corey "I Got A Boo" Booker asked us to put ourselves in the position of all these white "blackfaced, two-faced" politicians. Well, I for one Corey don't need to put myself in their position because I simply cannot even fathom the thought because I wasn't born with the privilege of whiteness to have the audacity to think that my whiteness could excuse such horrendous behavior. Needless to say that Corey "I Got A Boo" Booker was starting his double talking campaigning by speaking deception to his black nation while hoping to get some quality reception from this white nation.

Corey "I Got A Boo" Booker It's simply a case of continuing black politicians need for pandering not philandering, nor is it meandering could it be close to gerrymandering? Nope. All I can see is you Mr. Booker hooked on the virus of white folks pandering. Corey, please tell us that blackfacing by white politicians isn't the most ridiculous form of cultural slandering. Why should you ask us to put ourselves in the place of white folks if you aren't going to provide us the privilege of whiteness that goes along with it? Why ask us, Corey Booker, to sympathize with racial bigotry? Is this another case of black political trickery? So, no not today, no way, it's a brand new day in Black America. You see have seen enough white folk pandering to understand that it won't mean we'll get progress to all of our economic and social redresses. So, Corey "I Got A Boo" Booker just talk about solutions and forget about all these damn crazy ass convolutions.