Feb. 11, 2019

JoeSmokeBlackThoughts Rhyming With A Purpose "The Gap"

"Wake Up From The Stupor Black America
 You Know That The Educational Gap Is Wide When Many Black Folks Never Think About Anything Other Than The Electric Slide
Many In Our Community Seemingly Have Lost Every Inch Of Black Pride, Never Had This America Government On Its Side, This Government Stopped Us The '70s When We Were About To Hit Our Stride, Sent Out Own Black Peoples Who Maliciously Spied, Then Turned Around Placed Drugs And Guns In Our Communities And Purposely Lied, Our Supposed Black Leaders Then Went To Hide So We Should Know Why This Economic And Educational Gap Is So Goddamn Wide"
Part Two:
"This Economic Wealth Gap Cannot Continue To Widen
You Know Should Know What Happened After The Roaring '20s
You Don't Know History, Huh?
The Devastating, Disastrous, Depressing '30s
The Rich White Folks Were Depressed
The Black Folks Were Just Plain Broke Without A Damn Shred Of Hope"