Feb. 13, 2019

Today's History Lesson, "Plessy vs. Ferguson"

Separate and entirely unequal a Supreme Court that along with the Dred Scott decision in 1857 locked Black Americans into decades of heinous​ treatment by whites in America. Just yesterday a North Carolinian state legislator compared Abraham Lincoln to Adolph Hitler for his role in starting the nation on the path of a Civil War. Well, that path to the Civil War was brazened by the decision of the Supreme Court in 1857 by Chief Justice Roger Taney's court. The Plessey vs. Ferguson decision of 1896 locked Black Americans into the certainty of massive inequality in social, civil, judicial, and economic rights in the United States with the underlying effects still evident today in 2019. The 1954 Earl Warren Brown vs. Bd. of Education decision overruled the Plessy v. Ferguson decision but the tremendous​ ​ damage to Americans of African Descent had already been done. Our history need not ever be a black mystery. Originally Posted 2017