Feb. 14, 2019

This Blackman's Valentine Day's Prayer

Every day it seems that another young black man is snuffed out on the mean streets of urban black America. This murderous act of hatred isn't carried out by someone dressed in blue, or someone who is an agent of the government bent on the destruction of the black race. No, the murderer is another young black man who carries within him such rage that he can no longer recognize friend or foe. For these black men, every aspect of their life is centered around the black streets axiom "do unto others before they can do unto you". They carry so much concealed hatred within their consciousness that the murder of another person no matter the hue, or historical linkage becomes as easy for them as crushing roaches that may cross their paths. How can one who rages and create an act of murder against another black man their own communities find any measure of satisfaction in their own black skins? I, personally ask myself that question every time that I open a link on the internet and read another story of another life snuffed by presumably by an alleged black suspect.

How can we continually point our fingers markedly at the oppressors when the oppressed continual murderously oppress the oppressed. Oh, I know all the arguments our black communities don't manufacture weapons of murderous destruction, our black communities do grow the plants the create the profit that motivates these insane amounts of monies which forge those with those weapons of murderous community destruction to kill and maim in order to protect the financial territories, street corners that they control to ply their trade. That the black institutions that used to be pivotal in creating atmospheres of black unity and black respect no longer do service to the inner city communities. These institutions have migrated away from the areas of need because the society we live in no longer cares to provide social measures of black uplift. I have even heard that our own black intelligentsia is afraid of confronting those of us intent on serving murder and mayhem on the urban streets of this country.

It seems to me that only one black organization willingly confronts those blacks who play havoc on our urban mean streets, The Fruits Of Islam. However, FOI isn't viewed favorably by many of the moderate black leadership elected to solve our communities problems. Evenmoreso, the issues, and problems presented by these daily murderous acts have the FOI's Chief Messenger, Louis Farrakhan, with not enough fingers to plug the holes in dikes that this oppressive acts of murder in our communities create. Everywhere our black communities are being crushed inward with multiple system failures whether it is our health systems, educational systems, housing systems, economic systems due to these acts of murder that our own lashes out on our own. When will it stop? How can we learn from our past history when our communities united against the outside oppressors to fights successfully for the rights of citizenship that were being denied to us due to bigotry and white supremacy? On this 14th day of February 2019, it is imperative that each and every day that follows we find ways to rekindle that light of unity that sparked the efforts to erase the barriers that existed externally that denied us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now, we face an inner enemy that is just as vicious, just as hateful, and also just as motivated to destroy our black communities. The enemy of personal black self-hate that is personified and magnified by these acts of now seemingly acceptable acts of murder that exist in our black communities today. We must crush this desire to kill ourselves before we actually reach a level that killing a black man is just as acceptable as killing that indignant roach that creeps out at night. You black brother is not a pest to be exterminated. Your black brother is just that, your black brother to be respected not eliminated.

We must find ways to love and reinvigorate the old street life axiom, "do unto others as you would want them to do unto you" love is indeed the answer, so rather than shooting the victim of oppression think of a way to soul shake his hand.