Feb. 16, 2019

Corners, The Saga Of Montana Baronette

Goddamn, I am so sick and tired of Baltimore City street corners
Tell me just how many black lives were erased without haste
on these damn city street corners
Why are the grime and the filth so damn abundant on these damn city street corners
Why do our black brothers and sisters seem captured by the awe of the shock that absorbs them on these goddamn city street corners
Why do you so easily cap another black face on these dream-killing city street corners
Who owns this corner of filth, slime, and grime and why so much goddamn black crime on these city street corners
Yesterday it was Montana Baronette but now that black brother's doing long-time
For all Montana's murderous crime, taking black lives on these God-dammed city street corners
No sane black man will venture at night under the moonlight on these city's street corners
Once there were the southern trees that hung with the leaves of black brothers and sisters swinging in the breeze
Didn't Billie sing of strange fruit that desecrated the tree roots said it was strange I think those who caused it was deranged
Now who sings the songs of those city street corners covered in the black blood of dreams washed away
Who sings the songs of the flood of the innocents laced in the blood of those dying on those city street corners
Goddamit, why did God create them murderous plots of concrete?
I own these fifteen city corners the monthly rent
So don't step on any of my city corners Blue because if you do I gonna sic Montana on you
Did you forget Montana's life is through
So now Blue can own these fifteen city corners until Blue your life is through
God-Dammit why aren't you breathing Blue?
Another new Montana Baronette just clipped you.
If you my black brother can run a Baltimore City street corner you, my black brother can run a corporation
Why isn't that the case in this goddamn American nation?
I used to play back in the day on that same Baltimore City street corner
Where someone just killed Blue.