Feb. 18, 2019

President's Day For This Blackman E'plaining

Today on February 18, 2019:

George Washington was the so-called Father of the Nation who was the nation’s mother? If George Washington birthed the nation was the act of that procreation an illicit affair? Did racism, bigotry, hatred, and prejudice embody the features of our American country’s mother? How did the actions led by George Washington and his band of revolutionaries which created this nation? So readily accept human bondage as a normal circumstance in the country’s formation? As a child growing up I wasn’t given access to the true nature of George Washington. I was only allowed to glimpse into the mythology of the man. The man whom as a boy couldn’t tell a lie when confronted by his father about the chopped down cherry tree. When growing up a child I always rode on Route 3 in Westmoreland County, Virginia to visit my grandmother, and when my grandma passed I would visit my father’s relatives. In those trips, I would pass by the boyhood home of George Washington in Westmoreland County, Virginia. I’d wonder about those lessons that I was taught in school. Where on this plantation was that famous cherry tree, and did the hatchet that did the deed of chopping still exist? The real questions I should have been asking in my young mind, and asking minds of those who passed this mythical knowledge on me would and should have been this?. How and why did this man, George Washington, who had unquestioned honor even at such a young age, accept the enslavement and brutalization of black man and woman simply because of that man or woman’s skin color?