Feb. 19, 2019

Rising Up Black Brothers Dreaming

When everyone around you my black brother will say black dreaming’s waste
Hell, even when your family may disbelieve you leaving you with a bad taste
That’s when you, my black brother had better begin to make haste
You see it’s you my black brother who must personally lead your own dream building chase
That’s why the most important thing for you my brother is to not lose the faith
You see, my black brother, you are the one who turns the wheels in this dream-building race
Just make sure my black brother to stand firmly and solidly in your safe place
Please don’t let disbelievers, white or black spin your dreams aimlessly into outer space
You see those disbelievers are the ones who would love to see your black brain encased in thick mace
You must decide to choose to be around folks who believe you have the skills to be a black ace.
Look for others like yourself who strive to lead the dreamer's pace
So remember, my black brother to score and soar realizing your dreams you're indeed will make you roar
You can defeat any symbolic Goliath’s that come at you with just a tad more inner-faith
The caravan of hope that resides inside you will indeed keep your dreams safe
Those barking dogs of disbelief once defiant cannot stop you from being self-reliant
The words that disbelievers utter should not make you stutter
Surely those disbelievers cannot make your dreams melt like hot butter
You see my black brother the life that you are now living
Will make it possible for you to start giving
You see those dead lions and disbelievers over there you certainly will be outliving
Look for folks who believe and stay away from folks that deceive
It’s vital that you first perceive or your lost dreams may cause you to constantly grieve
You see it is quite easy caught up by those nasty dream killing thieves
Finally, please affirm daily my black brother it will assure your inner self that you have confirmed
That dream you hold, my black brother need not be mentally infirmed, you, my black brother are in this dream building battle for the long-term.
You simply have to remember to constantly reaffirm and confirm.
So my black brother remember the importance of focused alignment
This mental process will protect you my black brother against folks whose intent is destructive dream malign’ment