Feb. 23, 2019

At The Hands Of Persons Unknown

Last night I posted about Robert Smalls, this afternoon I am posting about Phillip Dray's book, At The Hands Of Persons Unknown. You see rather than continuing to be bamboozled by the images that divert our attention from with this constant social media-driven situations that purposely create confusion and delusion. The "allusion technique" which I describe as the media's purposeful strategy of selecting specific stories that arouse the worst in our human psyche rather than choosing those events that inform us of events that elicit the heightening of our consciousness. Rather than the media going back into history in delving into the sinful murders of innocent people simply wishing to be allowed to live with the rights of basic citizenship. We are now subjected to media-driven tales of lurid incidents of black men prowling and feasting on little girls, little boys, or using positions of wealth to take advantage of grown white women who should have known better, but now are excused because of the allusion and the confusion strategy that currently suits the media's thirst to divert purposeful thought. Why did it take until 2019 for the United States Congress to pass a law against lynching? Why are people now implying that this law against lynching was instigated and passed due to Jussie Fossett's creative imagination? There are so many black people in our communities that depend on TMZ, Bravo, and VH 1 to secure water cooler discussion.
If you ever read the book "At The Hands Of Persons Unknown", you would never excuse any branch of our federal government for the neglect of taking over a century to finally pass a law against lynching in the United States. You would know the story of Sam Hose, whose lynched body parts were sold in stores in Atlanta, Georgia. You would know that the white man's colored man Booker T. Washington was almost a victim of a lynching on the streets of New York City in 1911. You would know in 1905 that the white citizens of Chattanooga, Tennessee openly defied Supreme Court Justice, John Harlan, who had provided a temporary reprieve to Ed Johnson, only to have Ed Johnson to be taken to Walnut Street Bridge, lynched and shot over two hundred times and left with this Judge Harlan "come get your nigger." If you think that lynchings were simply a southern tradition than you don't know that in Coatesville, Pennsylvania which is located about 40 miles outside of Philadelphia a black man, Zachariah Walker was burned alive in a public lynching. You would know the story of Anthony Crawford of Abbeville, South Carolina whose only crime for dragged around town by a lynching rope and being used as target practice was that he had the audacity to be a successful southern black man. All these acts of terror and many others are described in vivid detail. All of these acts happened after the so-called Civil War Amendments guaranteed citizenship rights to Americans of African Descent.
So, I don't want to hear about Jussie's act of deception that was meant to secure a larger weekly wage motivating the passage of a lynching law. I also know that is our black community read books like "At The Hands Of Persons Unknown" there wouldn't be any arguments coming from our communities related to reparations. So many crimes that many of our ancestors suffered by the hands of white mob lynchings came after we were supposed to be freed, American citizens. As I noted earlier these white mob induced crimes were not just southern crimes of white hatred. They were American crimes of white mob induced hatred. Phillip Dray's research uncovered the vileness that has infected and continues to infect our nation. Our black community does have individuals who are intent on sharing the truth about the stories of oppressive barriers we have overcome. The issue we have far too many others in our community who cannot gain this knowledge due to degrees or levels of ignorance, educational neglect, and even illiteracy. The fact that technological resources exist now to enlighten our consciousness. Why some in our community depend on the tools of deception to gain any degree of wisdom is quite disturbing. I just wish I could gather up a group of misinformed young black men in a room and spend just 60 minutes a week providing this knowledge to forge the shield of armor needed to lift themselves up in power.