Mar. 4, 2019

Garrett Augustus Morgan

Garrett Augustus Morgan
Intellectual, Mechanical, Technical Genius
Praises to this ancestor who not only patented his invention the mechanical electric three directional traffic light in 1923. He sold that invention to General Electric for $40,000.00 an equivalent to $580,000.00 today. The traffic light that Mr. Morgan invented has saved countless numbers of lives in the many intersections it has been installed during the almost 94 years of when that invention.
Another magnificent invention by this brother of supreme excellence is the gas mask which Garrett Morgan secured a patent for in 1914. You can hardly measure the possible millions of lives that have been saved due to this invention. Not only the lives saved firefighters who have benefited from the gas mask but also soldiers on the field of battle during World War I facing deadly gases launched by the Axis powers. To fully understand the internal brilliance of Garrett Augustus Morgan you must know that Mr. Morgan only went as far as the 6th grade, yet, he was still able to impact not only the people in his scope of life but hundreds of millions of people from the end of life to today's post.
In addition, to these two marvelous inventions, Garrett Morgan was responsible for many more. He also invented the straightening process used for human hair. This man born to a woman half-black and half-Indian, and a father who was a former Confederate Colonel John Hunt Morgan, in Kentucky on March 4, 1877. Garrett Morgan loved the process of invention and creativity almost as much as he loved supporting the progress of his black community. Throughout his life, Garrett A. Morgan supported the uplift of black colleges as well as the NAACP.
So for all those students past and present who attended or attends historically black colleges and universities please remember that just a sliver of Garrett Augustus Morgan is inside of you. You know what? That sliver is just enough to move any mountain, barrier, or roadblock that may deter you from reaching the highest peaks in your life. Today, joesmokeblackthoughts salutes the impactful life of Garrett Augustus Morgan, a black man who was born beyond his time but lived within his time with incredible energy and creativity.