Mar. 5, 2019

The Murder of Jacquelyn Smith #joesmokeblackthoughts

I really didn't want to post about the atrocious murder of Jacquelyn Smith by her husband, Keith Smith and his biological daughter Valeria Smith. However, I simply needed to express my thoughts on this vile, despicable, and heinous act of violence suffered by Jacqueline Smith. We all have opinions about why this brother and his daughter would conspire and then kill his wife, I feel that Mrs. Smith simply got caught in the web of these two natural born devils who wanted to profit off of her death. The two of them thought long and hard about who would be blamed for their act of murder.
They decided to point the finger at an unknown homeless black couple panhandling on the streets of Baltimore City. So heinous was the initially purported crime that "national attention" was focused on the pervasiveness of homeless people now violently attacking innocent good samaritans like Jacqueline Smith. Mrs. Smith's only act that night she was killed was attempting to assist a homeless mother and child who were supposedly in need. She was then attacked by a homeless black man who set up the occupants in the vehicle Jacquelyn and her husband were driving in. Why were they in that neighborhood that night? They were driving Keith Smith's daughter, Valeria Smith to her home. The two of them felt they had labeled 2 pasties to take the fall for the murder of Jacquelyn Smith, homeless blacks preying on innocent people of good faith seeking to lend a helping hand.
If you know what I know about the police in Baltimore City, a city overwhelmed with violent crime, poverty, and urban decay. The response by city police on any black man or black woman homeless and panhandling after this incident must have been like the hammer of justice being unleashed on the most vulnerable adult citizens in Baltimore City. How dare two of these black vagrants murder this respectable good samaritan who simply wanted to assist the mother and child. How did these two black vagrants conspire to not only murder Jacquelyn Smith but also stain the already damaged reputation of Baltimore City nationally? All hands on deck do whatever law enforcement can do to find those miscreants of justice. Once they were found the full scale of justice would fall down on these two black homeless murderers.
You see in order for Keith Smith and Valeria Smith's concocted murderous plot to work they had to point the finger at someone black. If the murder was to happen in Baltimore City because blacks kill blacks every day in Charm City. Just imagine being a homeless black adult in Baltimore City after this murder occurred on December 1, 2018? Nowhere to hide? No safe sanctuary to protect you? The full force of Baltimore's police countering your every move and stifling any chance of you receiving any generosity from future good samaritans. All this abuse until the realization from law enforcement that Keith and Valeria concocted the entire tale. I've held that when a wife is murdered the first person who is suspected is the husband. So Keith Smith had to find the perfect suspects to point the accusatory finger at. So this wretched black man along with his wretched daughter applied that finger of guilt to a black homeless couple plying their trade of criminality of poor Jacquelyn Smith.
This conspiracy was so picture perfect until it wasn't? Now we know how deceitful Keith Smith was in his life, prior to meeting the supposed love of his life, Jacquelyn Smith. He robbed three banks to pay the bills and take care of his daughter Valeria Smith. Rather than robbing another bank to boost the income why marry someone whose death could provide the monies that the two of them lusted for? So, Jacquelyn Smith became a target along with the innocent black homeless populace of Baltimore City. You have to go back to Boston almost 30 years ago to see another individual who motivation for murder involved an innocent black community. That case involved the murder of Carol Stuart, who was pregnant at the time, on October 23, 1989. The actual murderer was her husband Charles Stuart. However, Charles Stuart initially pointed the finger at a 6-foot tall black man in a running suit. Charles Stuart actually shot himself along with his wife to make his plot all the more believable. Charles Stuart didn't kill his wife for insurance money he simply wanted to get rid of her and the baby so he could be free to chase other women freely. Yet, remember this the husband is always the initial suspect except when a victim shoots a black person did it. Then all the other suppositions go out the window. In this case, the Boston Police Force went into the black community until Willie Bennett was picked out of the lineup by Charles Stuart for the crime of killing his wife and child. You don't think Charles Stuart wasn't given information on who to choose in that lineup? I guess if Charles Stuart's brother, Matthew Stuart, didn't feel that he was scammed by Charles Stuart because of the absence of insurance monies. Willie Bennett would've drawn the short straw and would be still be doing some hard time in a state penitentiary on a life sentence.
You see, in this country if a wife is murdered by her husband. The husband initially is the suspected murdered except when someone calls out a black man did it. These are my personal thoughts on the murder of Jacquelyn Smith. I cannot think she will ever have an eternal peaceful rest because of the heinous method of her death.