Mar. 7, 2019

Here's a Thursday Night Historical Fact For You To Ponder

Morgan State University campus is located on 152 acres of land. During the Homestand Act of 1862, white American citizens and white immigrants were given for free 160 acres of land. While at the same time black Americans were unable to participate with any degree with this federal government-sponsored land grab. In addition to the Homestead Act, there was the Southern Homestead Act of 1866 which also was a federal government sponsored free land grab. In total over 1.3 million white families were able to secure free land that was the size of the States of Texas and California combined from the years 1864-1932. Many, many former Confederate soldiers who fought as rebels were provided the opportunity to participate in the Southern Homestead Act. While not only were the millions of blacks freed denied the promised 40 acres and a mule from General William Tecumseh Sherman's Field Order, our black ancestors were also denied the opportunity to participate in either of these free federal government land grab programs. It has been determined that only about 4,500 black families were able to secure free land grants versus 1.3 million white families. So when Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of that broken promissory written by the United States Government is was specifically pointing to these facts as one important point of reference. While white families were able to build wealth from the capital driven by these land grants. Americans of African Descent were given no boost towards economic equality and had the stake of poverty-driven directly into the heart of their communities. Imagine just for a moment living on a plot of land the size of Morgan State University but 8 acres larger. The white community including immigrants got 160 acres of prime land for free while black Americans who built the wealth of The United States got absolutely no land to build any degree of wealth.