Mar. 8, 2019

African American Game Rules

"How can you expect African Americans to win in a game when the rules are written by the controlling opponent(White Institutional Racists), the referees are chosen by the controlling opponent, every time we get the ball you must advance 3 times more than the controlling opponent to score, when we are either on offense or defense we must play with 1/2 the number of players that controlling opponent has, we also must carry around iron ball and chain weighing 200 pounds we play, while the controlling opponent has the most technologically advanced equipment and finally the controlling opponent has control of both the clock and the scoreboard. That is the historically realistic position that of Americans of African Descent have faced in the United States. That is why a serious discussion of economic reparations for Americans of African Descent must be earnestly discussed if this nation is ever going to erase the color line that continues to separate this nation."