Mar. 10, 2019


Our Black Children Are Missing The Black Truth In Their Education And That My Family Is A Real Problem

I was viewing a contact of mine's social media post. In this post, he wrote this line referencing whether the white woman, Carolyn Bryant, whose accusatory finger lead to the vicious murder of Emmitt Till in Money, Mississippi could be prosecuted for any crime other than perjury. In addition, this same educated brother stated that my blog, quote, gotta add more pizazz to keep my interest. I’ve tried. But information alone on a certain subject doesn’t keep me involved. I personally don't believe the brother fully comprehended the level of racism that was present in Money, Mississippi in 1955. Part of his initial post stated the following;

"Stop using a racist era time’s decision, on a racist based crime, to compare today’s time, which is nowhere near as openly racist as then."

I don't know this line disturbed me so? Maybe it was because the words came from a younger black man who obviously has been conditioned by today's social mores to believe that racism can be condensed to an era of time. Which to me means this educated brother believes that racism is no longer evident today. What is so disturbing is that so many young blacks educated today have absolved the white communities of the crimes committed on our black ancestors.

Why is it that the Jewish communities can continue to hold fast and never forget to the genocide that occurred in Europe before and during World War II in the German concentration camps. Why can the Japanese continue to bring up those World War II internment camps that cropped up during WW II, or the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bombs? Why can the Native Americans continue to hold fast to mass extermination of their ancestors due to the manifest destiny policies of the United States government?

Yet our black communities of Americans of African Descent seemingly have so many educated black youths who are now ignorant or unwilling to either comprehend or ignore the level of community devastation that has been suffered by their own black descendants by white Americans? Is our education system to blame for these young educated blacks thoughts related to the issue of historical racism? Do, we as the educated elders carry the blame because we wanted to shield our children from the viciousness that oppressed our ancestors? As I have researched over the past five years the level of black oppression in the United States has reached as far back as the 1600s and that oppression of "racist era time" is still prevalent today.

Now, I do agree with this brother's contention that racism in some instances is not as overt as it was in 1955. However, his content racism is an era? Well, that statement is purely a case of a black man not in tune with the realities of American society. That is one reason why I believe that in each public and private school that is attended by a majority of black children there should be an agent of our historical black story. Those individuals should be given a minimum of 30 minutes a day to share the stories of our people. I know the time should be more but the home-school connection means that parents and guardians should also provide additional time to ensure that our black children know the power of their blackness.

We have lost multiple generations of our children to the ravages of oppressive conditions. The time is now to begin to salvage our community's black youth. Our black children have been immersed in the study of white history. This historical immersion has caused the evaporation of our own black history in many of our children's lives. Maybe if we can develop a renewed focus on the road our black ancestors sowed. We will not lose that black history. We simply cannot allow our black history it to be swept away by own neglect and our own disinterest. Our black children cannot become so conditioned or become so whitenized that they lose their black historical perspective, This absence of black perspectives could lead to an inability to comprehend or understand when faced the elements of racism. This is simply one black man's opinion. Others will or should have their own opinions. I do believe that we are dangerously approaching a time when our black history will lose its significance because it isn't taught or comprehended by the most vital members of our community, our black children.