Mar. 14, 2019

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Retraces History 160 Years Leading To 2020

Name the historical political figure who was an elected US congressman, and lost his only try for election to the United States Senate seat but went on to be elected the US President 2 years after that loss in the Senate campaign?
Think quick: Former Congressman Abraham Lincoln 1858 (Illinois) - Lost To Stephen Douglass - 1860 - Elected President
Could Beto O'Rourke achieve the same historical feat 160 years later? O'Rourke differed from Lincoln in that he was a congressman from his district while running for office but he did decide to give up that seat to face off against the United States Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) in 2018. Now Beto O'Rourke has decided to toss his hat into the ring for the Office President in 2020. Can his limited political background which is masked by the enthusiasm generated by losing a close race for the Senate make his run for President in 2020 competitive?
The nation was split politically in 1860. Abraham Lincoln was able to utilize that split to carry him to victory in the election. Although that victory began an actual rebellion between the southern slaveholding states and the northern states seeking to minimize the power of those slaveholding states. While the southern states were seeking the expansion of the institution of slavery. In 2020. many issues split this nation but one of the most impactful continues to be the issue of race, just like 1860 but it isn't slavery. It is the economic issues that have continued to depress black communities across this nation since the abolition of that peculiar institution.
Can Beto O'Rourke bring about a solution to the race issue? How can his candidacy for President in 2020 work to unite the forces of democracy against the forces that continue to divide and spurn constant confliction? Or will Beto O'Rourke simply be a light that flickers out under the pressures of a nation that is tilted toward internal combativeness? Can a pretty white male face endure the pressures of the political jungle and fix the nation?