Mar. 24, 2019

Books For Crooks Means That Black Children Continue To Be Shook #joesmokeblackthoughts

This afternoon I don't want to revisit this topic but the murkiness of the situation in Baltimore City simply cannot be avoided or ignored. Healthy Holly books and Mayor Catherine Pugh demands an acknowledgment by this blogger today. Now it seems that nearly 71,300 books that were supposedly printed and distributed to children in Baltimore City have mysteriously disappeared. The Baltimore City Public School Warehouse in East Baltimore is currently housing 8,700 copies of the books but the remaining Healthy Holly books have somehow managed to be hidden away in some cubby hole in possibly the book's author imagination.
The Mayor already acknowledged that she returned $100,000.00 to the University of Maryland Medical Center's Board of Directors for 20,000 or the 100,000 books that were to be printed and distributed to Baltimore City's elementary school children to promote healthy habits. So that takes the number of books that were to be printed and published down to 80,000 books, 20,000 of each of the 4 titles. If those 71,300 books were buried in a Baltimore City landfill then every resident in Baltimore City deserves to know that fact. If those 71,300 books were never actually printed and published and were part and parcel of some illicit backroom dealing for services rendered the Baltimore City residents deserve to know that fact as well.
I remember growing up in Baltimore City when backdoor dealing amongst city elected politicians with private and public agencies was the norm. Then the monies that exchanged hands came in the form of direct bribes. Nowadays, politically motivated shiftiness that leads to financial inducements for services rendered or soon to be rendered. It's just getting a handle on how those funds exchange hands become harder to decipher. The 2016 election for Mayor was a tight race between a former Mayor whose administration was marred by illicit activities which forced her from office. The other candidate swore to the Baltimore City residents that she would never be caught up or entangled in any backdoor dealings.
Well, not only is Mayor Catherine Pugh's financial entanglement far worse than that of former Mayor Sheila Dixon it also was far more lucrative it seems. The indignity of Pugh's actions is that she used the children that could have benefited from funds and actual resources to build healthier lifestyles. Baltimore City's school kids suffer from many maladies related directly at unhealthy choices in lifestyles because so many of their parents and guardians encourage or promote those unhealthy choices. It seems that many black officials elected to put our "black children first" don't seem to have the capacity to understand the harm they do when the path they choose to "get paid" means that putting "black children first after you line your pockets. If those Healthy Holly books minus the 8,700 stored in that Baltimore City Public School Warehouse cannot be located. It would seem that in reality only 10,000 books were printed 2,500 of each titled book in the series. This would mean the following: based on Mayor Pugh's public accounting of that it cost $4.00 to print each one; only $40,000 was most likely spent on the Healthy Holly scam; and that someone pocketed $360,000. Now if that is the case, Mayor Catherine Pugh should consider immediately resign from her position as Mayor of Baltimore City.
It's either find the missing books or find the missing monies but whatever the case. The stain that continues to blot on my hometown seems to be everlasting.