Mar. 29, 2019

Provoked Thought Gaining Wisdom Interacting With Your Elders" #joesmokeblackthoughts

Two years ago today I had an epic conversation on that afternoon at the Washington Hospital Center. While I was awaiting my appointment to see my pain management doctor, Leanne Rhodes, I encountered in the waiting room this distinctive 94-year-old black gentlemen. Being that I was 30 years his junior I was immediately impressed that this man had full control of his mental faculties. He also reminded me so much of my own father who lived to be 97 years old.
It is always so refreshing to interact with our black elders. They can teach us so many things about the journey of life. It is sometimes ashaming how many young members of our black communities seem to not understand the importance of respecting the black elders. I was really disturbed seeing those images of that sick individual on that subway in New York physically abusing that 78-year-old black woman last week. It was also frightening to read how even Rosa Parks was physically abused in her own home in Detroit, Michigan when I believe she was close to 80-years-old. These incidents should never occur in our black communities but yet they do at an increasingly alarming rate.
Yet on this day in 2017, I was so happy to be able to put a smile on the face of that black elder as well as my mine own. In the waiting room while we both waited to see our doctors I discussed the positive energies he had spread over the lifespan of his life. I spoke to him about how those positive energies he released in his lifetime would never, ever be extinguished. He said to me that day that6 no one had never spoken to him in his lifetime about the positive forces that he released. Personally, just being in this man's presence you could feel the positive vibrations all around him. It was so engaging and the conversation we had over those 25 or so minutes was especially rewarding to me.
One thing I told him while talking to him was my sense that when his transition came he would meet his wife again. He told me of how they both met and the life long love affair developed over both of their lifetimes. It seemed only appropriate that the energy forces the two of them generated would be rekindled once he saw her again in the next stage of their lives. It reminded me of a movie about two lovers going back to the very first day they met. He told me they met when he was 28 and she was 21, it said it was love at first sight. I believe that our conversation that really brought some joy to his day.
I truly love talking to my elders they are so enlightening and illuminate such a marvelous force of life. Now that I am considered an elder I hope that someday some stranger will come an brighten my day. You all should try it sometimes. It is important that we engage in conversation with someone older than you know how much you will gain unless you try. Especially engage in conversation with that elder stranger because his experiences will deliver to you some wisdom.
It will not only make their day brighter. It will also bring a certain amount of joy to your day as well.