Apr. 1, 2019

Nightmare Holly

"Catherine Pugh's Healthy Holly is turning into Nightmare Holly for my hometown's Mayor. Now just like an April Fool's joke Kaiser Permanente just released this afternoon that it paid $114,000.00 to the Mayor for an order of Healthy Holly books. Funny thing is that the insurance giant was negotiating a big contract at the time for municipal workers. No need to tell you how the contract was delivered to Kaiser Permanente. This is got to be the most profitable children's book gambit ever devised, or the Mayor discovered and filled an incredible niche market in Baltimore City. Why didn't the Mayor announce this Kaiser Permanente deal during last week's news conference? It makes the shadiness around these book deals ever so shadier. Nightmare Holly seems to be the gift that keeps giving to any of Baltimore City's political opponents seeking to dethrone Catherine Pugh in 2020, if not before." "