Apr. 2, 2019

"The Murder Of Erminas Asghedom" GODDAMN YOU SHITTY CUZ!

On so many social media timelines over the past couple of days, I've seen numerous posts that referring to the murder of Erminas Asghedom, aka Nipsey Hussle's murder as some kind of the United States or the state of California government conspiracy. Some even pre-supposed that a pharmacological corporate conspiracy was involved tied directly to Nipsey Hussle's plan to do a film documentary on the faith and herb healer Alfredo Bowman, aka Dr. Sebi. Now that the actual accused murderer has been identified, Eric Holder, aka Shitty Cuz, aka Fly Mac all this nonsense about a government conspiracy can come down many notches.

Not that Nipsey Hussle might not have been a California law enforcement target earlier in his life when he slung guns and flashed gang signals in Southeast Los Angeles as a member of the infamous Crips gang that unleashed terror on the streets. Nowadays, Nipsey Hussle had eased into building his corporate brand and stacking dollars. While at the same time he was developing a model for community redevelopment in the same Crenshaw streets that he and his compatriots had terrorized in his younger days. He understood that in order for his survival and the survival of his family and the entire Crenshaw community he had to move in a whole new direction.
So that's what he did, while he was spitting out his rhymes that reflected his world, past, present, and future. Nipsey Hussle was also using his newfound financial gains to buy back as well as uplift his black community. Nipsey's plan was the lost dreams that were encountered by Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Mark Clark, Fred Hampton, Bobby Hutton, Medgar Evers, Paul Robeson, and all the other magnificent black warriors who wanted progressive economic and educational growth for every black community. You see our past warriors wanted to progress, move and direct black communities towards independence. Their efforts led to a vast governmental attack on the lives of these black brothers and sisters. 
Yes, each of these men had government targets placed directly in them and shooters at the ready to aim and fire. That was not the case with Erminas Ashgedom. There was a California agent of law enforcement or Federal Bureau of Investigation officer, or agent of some secret white supremacist society hellbent on his demise. The murder target that was placed on Mr. Ashgedom body was not because of his planned documentary of Alfredo Bowman. The mistake made by Erminas was one made seemingly by thousands upon thousands of our young black brothers today. His dissed another young black man who took that affront as actionable to savagely end Erminas Ashgedom's life on this Sunday past. The seeming irrelevance of asking Eric Holder to step away from the shopping area because of his propensity for trouble added just enough fuel to this black man's inner anger for him to pump six bullets in Erminas's body. That senseless act of violence is reoccurring day after day in many urban cities.
It didn't matter to Shitty Cuz if he murdered Nipsey Hussle in broad daylight because the "diss" deserved immediate retribution. So today as I listened for the first time to Nipsey Hussle's 2018 album Victory Lap. I heard the calls for urban reconciliation. But also I heard Nipsey slinging vile language like hoes, niggas, guns, reps, and other phrases of centering on retribution. I saw the music video "Hussle and Motivate" as well it included a scene of an armed confrontation between young brothers and the Los Angeles law enforcement officers during a heist of an armored truck. It was quite clear to me that Nipsey Hussle still attached himself to the vagaries of street cred in order to boost his gang branding. Shitty Cuz is no hero but he isn't that different from Nipsey Hussle, each of them lives so close to the edge of violence every day that it is bound to touch them in so many ways. I really didn't need to see the physical murder that is all over social media of Erminas Ashegdom. Our black society is so tuned to murder in our urban cities that it is no longer shocking. It is a daily event to see another of our young talented warriors killed over irrelevance. #joesmokeblackthoughts is long past this black murdering madness. It isn't a conspiracy unless the conspiracy begins and ends with us.