Apr. 2, 2019

I Need That Ticket, I Gotta Have That Ticket, Or Else

"I simply cannot understand why anyone with any common sense would wait on the phone or in front of a computer screen for multiple hours just to get a ticket to a movie that is going to be shown in the movie theatre for at least 2 months, possibly more? I can see waiting for a music concert because that may be a one-time event but really waiting to be the first one to see a movie? This country is geeked out and absolutely coo-coo for cocoa puffs crazy right now. They are more interested in a fantasy universe than protecting our own universe. The Avengers: Endgame will be available for showing all day every day after April 26, 2019, on literally hundreds of thousands of movie screens in this country but you gotta see it first? Please explain this idiotic thinking to me? I mean black folks are waiting on phones for a movie ticket? Also, people will be willing to pay literally a thousand dollars or more to see the initial screenings, really? Is a personal home visit from Ironman, Rocket Raccoon, or Thor coming with that purchase?"